• Image of Weird Party "Hussy"

Debut LP from Weird Party. Members of Fatal Flying Guilloteens, Sugar Shack, Black Congress.

"Arthritic, asthmatic and overweight: That’s what Music is right now. At the gym, it walks at a glacial pace on the treadmill, or pushes the pedals of the stationary bike at roughly 15 RPMs. Someone needs to help Music. It needs a trainer, a nutritionist. It needs motivation and inspiration. A push and a pull. Weird Party, a five piece of fun-time Rock ‘N’ Roll idiots from Houston, TX, can help make Music lean and mean again. Look how Weird Party’s muscles glisten as they display perfect form squat thrusting, clean jerking and dead lifting five times their weight. What a hard rock specimen! Surely they’ll want to help Music get back on track.

Nope. Nope. I just asked, and Weird Party told me to fuck the fuck off and broke my nose."